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To cause an equivalent temperature change in a doubled mass, you need to add twice the heat. (c) the amount of heat transferred depends on the substance and its phase. If it takes an amount q of heat to cause a temperature change t in a given mass of copper, it will take 10. 8 times that amount of heat to cause the equivalent temperature change in the same mass of water assuming no phase.   knowing whether your dog has a fever gives you the option to start treatment early and prevent her condition from getting worse. Although the only way to accurately know if your dog has a fever is by using a rectal thermometer, knowing how to feel a dogs temperature quickly when you do not have a thermometer can make a big difference. Make sure you follow directions for taking a rectal temperature very carefully. Do not take a rectal temperature if your child has had surgery on his rectum, has any kind of rectal disorder, or if he bleeds easily. Why do i need to check a rectal temperature? The rectal temperature is the most exact way to know if your child has a fever. If youve got a tmp36 and its about room temperature (25 degrees c), the voltage should be about 0. 25v (see image below) you can change the voltage range by pressing the plastic case of the sensor with your fingers, you will see the temperaturevoltage rise. 6c) throughout the day, depending on how active you are and the time of day. Body temperature is very sensitive to hormone levels and may be higher or lower when a woman is ovulating or having her menstrual period. Seek prompt medical advice if your child shows any signs of fever, especially an elevated body temperature. There are some things you can do at home to bring down your childs body temperature. Or if you feel generally okay but youre reading a temperature higher than 98. 6, what should you do? Well, it turns out that diagnosing a fever may not be as straightforward as weve been led. 4 fahrenheit and higher in a young baby is considered a fever and a reason to call your doctor immediately. You can always call your doctor for a sick baby, even if the baby. Therefore, even if your dog may feel hot or feverish to you, his body temperature may still be within normal limit.

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