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It is normal for ostomates who still have their rectum in place to experience rectal discharge and to pass clear or putty coloured mucus from their anus. Even though motions now pass out through the stoma, the rectum continues to produce the mucus that was previously used as a lubricant to assist the passage of food and waste. If your anal mucus discharge recurs or never resolves in the absence of a possible infection, you should seek medical evaluation to determine if you have a chronic inflammatory condition of the bowel (e.). People who have a colostomy, but have an intact rectum and anus, often experience a discharge of mucus from their rectum. Mucus is produced by the lining of the bowel to help the passage of stools. The lining of the bowel continues to produce mucus, even though it no longer serves any purpose. You may be under the impression that once you have a stoma bag you will stop passing anything through your back passage but what most of us are not told is that you could still have a discharge from your rectum and when it happens it comes as shock, it is quite normal and you should not worry unduly. If youve had a colostomy but your rectum and anus are intact, you may have some mucus discharge from your bottom. Mucus is produced by the lining of the bowel to help the passage of stools. The lining of the bowel continues producing mucus, even though it no longer serves any purpose. Rectal discharge can be caused by many underlying conditions, such as infections, anal fissures, or chronic diseases. Some of the common causes of rectal discharge include fecal impaction fecal impaction is a state where a large amount of feces gets caught in the colon or rectum due to prolonged or chronic constipation. Colostomy reversal rectal mucus discharge rectal discharge thats orange in colour rectal polopys how long after a colostomy reversal should a patient expect to have their first bowel movement possible rectal prolapse after anal intercourse unusual rectal discharge with no additional symptoms any of you use tanning services? Rectal bleeding. Anal warts are irregular, verrucous lesions caused by human papilloma virus. Anal warts are usually transmitted by unprotected, anoreceptive intercourse. Anal warts may be asymptomatic, or may cause rectal discharge, anal wetness, rectal bleeding, and pruritus ani. Lesions can also occur within the anal canal, where they are more likely to create symptoms. You have a permanent colostomy if you have surgery to remove your anus, rectum and part of your bowel (colon). This operation is called an abdominoperineal resection (apr). After surgery to remove your lower bowel (rectum and anus), poo cant pass out this way anymore. Had no rectal discharge until 3 years later,as of late the discharge is brown to tan and pasty with a foul odor.

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